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Zula is a Free to Play Online First-Person Shooter game developed by MadByte Games in 2016. Shortly after its initial release, the Iranian game developer, Sourena Games, localized and officially released the title in Iran in Farsi.
Despite the initial solo development by MadByte, Sourena Games has taken an active part in the development of the game, co-developing a plethora of new content with MadByte. This new wave of content chiefly includes new Maps and a selection of Melee and Ranged weapons.

The involvement of the Publisher with Zula’s development has no doubt resulted in a desirable outcome. Not only for the fact that this localized version of the game includes the aforementioned new content, which creates an experience that cannot be had with the foreign versions of the game, but also for the fact that locally available servers within the borders of Iran allow the players to play with lesser latency and lower internet bills. This is all without mentioning the benefits of the punctual and diligent customer support provided by Iran Zula team in Farsi, providing the client with a smooth experience throughout their time with the game. This capacity is of crucial importance to a massive online game like Zula. In the latest update of the game that was released this spring, the Iranian user can participate in the widely popular battle royale mode. The availability of vehicles such as cars and boats, as well as the low hardware requirements of the game, has made Zula’s Battle Royale mode a primary contender in all Iranian competitive Esport scenes.


Ever since 4 years ago, Sourena Games has been hosting massive tournaments like the Zula League, that have been the most important and perhaps of sole note steps in jumpstarting the Iranian Esports scene. Zula tournaments are currently the most organized and popular Esport events that are hosted by a publisher.
During these 4 years of events, over 20,000 players have participated in these tournaments in more than 1500 teams. They have been awarded a sum total of 4,000,000,000 IRR as prizes for these tournaments, a groundbreaking record for
Iranian Esports. Through producing and publishing local content and games, and through increasing the general engagement of the Iranian public with Esports, Sourena Games seeks to acquire more of the Iranian PC Gaming market share. 

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