BY: Ghazal Mostafa

After several years of working with graphic design and marketing teams of a few established local companies active in the fashion world and also gaining knowledge on printing and graphics as an apprentice to her own father, Arghavan was finally able to establish her own brand.

Arghavan’s personal style, with different accessories and loud colors, had always been eye-catching and she had all along wished that these vivid colors play an active role in other people’s lives as well. That was how her personal interest in “statement accessories” motivated her to get started on her own creations.The technique she uses in the production of accessories is self-taught knowledge together with skills she picked up from her father’s many years of experience in the printing and cutting industry.Since unique and unusual accessories at affordable prices are always welcomed by all, Arghavan chose plexiglass as it is relatively inexpensive and can also be easily integrated with different metals.  She has been able to apply her jewelry making techniques in producing plexiglass pieces combined with a variety of metals for each of her collections in the last 2 years, targeting a larger client base for her brand with its reasonable pricing.


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While each collection is inspired by the environment Arghavan also borrows from geometric shapes and modern forms combined with elements from ancient Iranian culture to create her jewelry pieces. For Arghavan study of art books and relationships and collaborations with other artists and brands have also played a valuable role in her creations during the last 2 years, and she hopes to continue on the same track going forward.

Each collection has a story to tell in the world of graphics or architecture, which is reflected in the jewelry pieces ultimately available as wearable art. The patterns of Arghavan’s jewelry are inspired from the world of graphics, and the forms she uses come from architecture and geometry.

Meanwhile, each piece is made as a single copy, which turns each work of art into a fingerprint unique to its owner. Pieces in all collections are produced with a slight difference from one another to make them unique and personal.

Currently Arghavan Rouzbeh and her small team in Tehran design and produce each collection which is available only in very limited quantity on a private basis.  But in the very near future Arghavan has plans to market and sell her jewelry all over the country as well as in Canada, the United States, Europe and beyond.

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