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Meysam shafeiSalemtar Bashim (Be Healthier) is the 10-year effort of Maysam Shafiei and his team to reach a simple and permanent formula for having a beautiful body, being healthy and most importantly having better vibes!
In a society where the per capitarate of exercise is very low and, in some cases, it seems impossible to get people involved in a healthier lifestyle, Salemtar Bashim is proud to announce that more than 15,000 people have joined its body and mind health campaign since its inception – which is a brilliant record!



Maysam Shafiei
Maysam Shafiei, has a master’s degree in exercise physiology with a great deal of academic knowledge and 20 years of experience in advanced training as an international coach. Maysam has employed his expertise to effectively integrate sports and medical services into the community and has introduced the concept of “being healthier” in an all-inclusive and focused package which was recognized in Iran as the best sports campaign of the year in 2020.

Salemtar Bashim and its team run a brand-new formula!
According to Maysam, one of the first issues that the team at Salemtar Bashim explored was all the hurdles that kept the public away from regular exercising, a healthy diet, and generally a healthier lifestyle. They examined climatic conditions, cultural roots, community structures, social traditions, influential genetic and psychological questions,and the results of their research was data that led to an applicable process tailored to specific environmental and social situations.
As a consequence of such an in-depth study, when visiting the Salemtar Bashim team, people are offered some of the most diverse possible methods in achieving a healthier lifestyle – strategies that remarkably work on an individual basis.
To achieve such a healthy lifestyle, each person is examined by the Salemtar Bashim team from several angles upon arrival, and the results of the assessments are recorded in the form of personal reports in their file in order to integrate all available information over time and provide the best roadmap and reach optimum results.
In order to better advance these studies and identify the determining factors and dimensions in an individual’s physical and psychological health, a division called SALEMMED has been established. This division includes a group of the best physicians in various specialized fields – such as General and Sports Medicines, Cardiology, Orthopedics, Psychology,
Nutrition, and Physiotherapy – who examine the results of a participant’s oversee and all the information contained in the medical records of an individual.
The importance of personalized services in Salemtar Bashim
In the Salemtar Bashim database, each person has a specific medical sports record based on their different requirements. All services of the Salemtar Bashim team are determined according to these requirements and needs, along with a tailored diet, and personalized 24/7 counseling services and support.
Setting your goals according to ” Salemtar Bashim ”
The most important matter after carefully examining the physical and mental condition of an individual, is setting real and measurable goals, which is planned in the form of a process called the “individual goal cycle” and is recorded in the participant’s personal profile and can be viewed and measured by the individual and their coach.
In this process, participants check their path to their individual “goal” in full detail every 25 days. An individual’s “goal“ in this context is that person’s best physical condition in terms of physical appearance and health, as well as their ideal mental condition.

Meysam shafie1Providing a roadmap and turning it into a lifestyleOnce all the components determining the capacity and exercise goals of an individual are established considering all the details related to his or her psychological, physical and genetic factors, a roadmap will be prepared and presented for implementation. This is exactly where the most critical part of the team’s mission begins, which is to turn all the details of a profile into everyday habits of an individual with the aim of achieving a healthy physical and mental lifestyle. To put it simply and clearly, the object of the goal is for participants to do daily exercise and meditation, to drink an adequate amount of water, and to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle.
The success Salemtar Beshim strives to achieve through different strategies is cause for celebration with the realization of each milestone on this path to success.

General Overview It should be noted that services of ” Salemtar Bashim ” are personalized according to individual needs on regular basis. The Salemtar Bashim campaign is designed with the aim of eradicating unhealthy habits from a person’s lifestyle and replacing them with positive habits in the form of a comprehensive program including diet, exercise, meditation, medical consultation and dedicated support.
This process will continue until participants reach their individual goals with all the desired specifics and the new habits become their second nature. Salemtar Beshim also provides services like Salem Live which is created for people who want to only exercise with the team. Online training sessions are also designed to significantly increase the physical strength of participants and the combination of various exercises have an all-around beneficial effect with the goal of increasing muscle mass and reducing the percentage of fat on the body. This approach excites people because of the physical results they can see in their bodies in a matter of a few sessions. Other services of Salemtar Bashim include Salem Diet, Salem Offline, Salem Special and similar programs which are tailored around participants’ special needs and requests. Details of
these services and exercise and diet programs are available on the Salemtar Beshim website ( Team consultants are ready to answer all the questions and enquiries at any time of day or night as being informed about a healthy lifestyle helps to achieve healthy, happy and energetic communities, which is the main goal of Salemtar Beshim.
To communicate its goals and in order to inform the general public, Salemtar Beshim team educates participants in a meaningful and poignant manner on topics such as “biological age” as follows: For decades the biological age has been used across the globe to gauge a human body’s general health. Biological age is also used to assess the aging process more accurately and to track any damage or infirmity of body parts over time.
The difference between biological age and chronological age demonstrates itself when a 50-year-old person is physiologically similar to a person who is only 40 years old, due to his or her healthy and active lifestyle. The opposite can also be true, of course, when a person can look or feel much older than their actual chronological age. This is true even for twins with identical chronological age who may be biologically younger (or older) because of their physical activity and health. The question is …
How many candles did you blow on your birthday cake this year? What do you think is your actual age? The same number?

Many of us answer: “Yes, the same number. Does it make a difference ?!”
Maysam believes that it certainly makes a difference! Just refer to their explanation in the previous paragraph! According to Maysam, the age noted on your identity card is irreversible: this number represents the number of years, days and hours you have lived, and this number has nothing to do with how you choose to live. Every human being begins
to age from birth, but everyone can slow down their aging process and achieve a younger biological age later in life, even up to 20 years younger, which may seem like a miracle. Maysam contends that by making the right decisions, you can lower your biological age compared with your ID age, or alternatively increase that number through your lifestyle and wrong choices. He wants to remind everyone that the younger the biological age compared to the age on one’s birth certificate, the healthier one’s body will look and the better one’s quality of life will be.
Maysam says that previously people believed that they could not play a role in the process of aging. But today, research has shown that in addition to internal factors such as genetics, some external factors such as diet, exercise, stress, sleep, smoking and other factors will affect our biological age.
So how can we find our biological age?
In this regard, Salemtar Beshim team has imported the cutting-edge InBody970 device to create a new standard for body composition analysis. This high-quality body composition device accurately and precisely measures the biological age of individuals by examining the parameters affecting an individual’s health circumstances. The InBody970 reports have the most diverse and useful data among other InBody devices as it measures abdominal
fat and body water and provides personalized outputs that show how one’s body composition compares to others of the same age, weight, height and gender. This information helps Salemtar Beshim experts offer the best age-specific advice at global levels to individuals who seek to learn how to create a foundation for long-term health. Salemtar Beshim exercise and diet programs are a revolution in healthy lifestyle being offered to all Iranians regardless of gender or age.

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