By: Abouzar Mirzaei

Having an important business meeting, a get-together with friends, a governmental session, or want to shine in your own field as a successful and diligent manager? During all of these and many other occasions, it is impossible for the influence of a proper suit to go unnoticed.


Success in different domains is primarily attributed to expertise, knowledge, commitment, experience and hard work; nevertheless, a neat outfit and groomed appearance could, undoubtedly, play a crucial role in the realization of all those factors. This influence is a fact which should be acknowledged in any professional setting.

For example, in business psychology and marketing there is a topic called “semiotics and symbols” which explains how to examine each detail in a person’s appearance, from their clothes to their choices in colors, accessories, etc. Altogether, these are related to a person’s character and will inevitably affect how you proceed to work with an individual.

There is no denying that suits are of consequence among visual factors, bearing all the hallmarks of professionalism which are universally acknowledged. In the last few years, the fashion industry has seen an increase in fast fashion. However, one cannot ignore the elegance of personal tailoring. I remember I once designed a suit for a friend who was invited to a wedding in London.  After this friend of mine entered the garden and socialized with the guests, a gentleman whom he did not know approached him and began to ask questions about his suit, saying that it’s similar to those tailored for celebrities on High Street. This story made me think about the power of a personally tailored suit and impacted my decision to dedicate my career to designing custom-made suits.



The first step in personal tailoring is for the tailor to get to know the customer’s dispositions and physical features. The tailor must put all their effort into understanding their customer’s positive aspects, physically and mentally, and showcase them in their suit. We must also be able to cover certain other physical attributes. If these are done properly, a flawless suit will be tailored.


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This, however, is not confined to our apparel and is easily applicable to our home or office interior design, vehicles, watches and jewelry, which could enable us to exude confidence. Each individual can attain items customized to their liking in design, cut, pattern and sewing outside of major production and the mass market. You in your own clothes. As we all know, some brands are favored over others as they are viewed as more unique, valuable, or more alike to ourselves.

A Sustainable Fashion Industry


-Behind the Scenes of Iran’s Most Artist Supported Fashion and Art Festival-Soheila Jabri

We can be partially identified by our shoes and shirts in our closets, watches and ties inside our drawers, perfumes and colognes in our cabinets and certainly by our suits. The benefit of personal tailoring is that you can make your own specifications to it. Take pleasure in the colors and details, feel more comfortable, breathe and move easier, boost your self-confidence, all of which contribute to your success.

Take a look at your suit. Surely it’s not bad, but was it tailored to your size and anatomy?

Have you noticed whether or not your pants are a bit loose or your vest clings to your chest?

Does the length of your sleeve match the length of your coat?

Have you payed attention to the interior of your suit?

Do the buttons on your coat resemble the buttons on all other coats in the market?

Have you thought about the lining of your coat?

Do you also think about how the lining in your coat is not visible to others and if this has an importance?

Do you know how much the length of your suit affects the way your height looks to others?

Do you know what an effect the crotch of a pair of pants has on the pants as a whole?

All of these are realized when you have your suit personally tailored.

During these years, I have tried to create patterns that are unique and flattering to each person. My belief is “there is nothing wrong with paying attention to every little detail”.

I cannot explain the pleasure in getting Italian or English fabrics. They are so powerful and influential that I am often in awe of their beauty. I consider my duty to be expressing feelings and putting effort in creativity and individuality within my designs, from my handmade buttons to the specifications within the lining of a suit. The interior of each suit represents your spirit and the details of all clothes represent your attitude and attention to detail.

Custom-Made Men’s Luxury Clothing for the Refined Tastes

Dukard always tries to be different and avant-garde on this path and make customers feel special and at home. They find balance in the pieces they wear, balance without the necessity of symmetry.

As a final note, I would like to add that personal tailoring is not necessarily a “luxury” service. What makes an individual a customer within a personal tailoring studio is not their economic or social standing, but their practical obsession and the importance given to their appearance.

Abouzar Mirzaei

Fashion Designer and Founder of Personal Tailoring Studio “Dukard”