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The theme of Japan Pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai is ” where ideas meet”.


Since ancient times, encounters with external influences have played a key role in the development of Japanese culture and learning, as ideas from the outside have been embraced and reinterpreted to create something new and uniquely Japanese. Moving towards the future, Japan will continue to be a place where ideas from around the world meet. And by bringing these ideas together to spark new innovation, Japan will work to create a better tomorrow.
Expo 2020 Dubai is the first International Registered Exposition to be held in the Middle East/Africa region. The theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” emphasizes cooperation and partnership to create a better world.



The Japan Pavilion goals for Expo 2020 are to:

• Strengthen Japan’s voice in the global community
• Develop and promote Japanese industry
• Increase inbound tourism
• Continue and add to the legacy of the Expo
• Empower the next generation of younger people with greater opportunities to realize their full potential.

Through the key word “Connect,” the Japan Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai will communicate to the world a clear vision of her potential in leading a future society based on the spirit, techniques, culture and other essential elements unique to Japan.

Japan Expo 2020 Dubai        Japan's symbolizing logo

“A gentle image of Japan, formed by people joining hands.”

Logo and Emblem:

The logo of the Japan Pavilion represents a diverse group of people transcending differences in race, age, and gender by joining their hands and empathizing with one another. The curved oval lines come together to represent flexible thinking and expansive imaginations. The triangles of various shapes and sizes in the four corners of the logo represent people opening both their hands and then joining hands with others to form a circle. This is a new Japanese concept of transcending race, age, and gender by bringing people together and sharing their feelings. The soft circle in the middle expresses the flexibility that matches the increasingly diverse Japan of the future, the ideas that emerge from refining and uniting people’s thoughts to achieve this future, and their expanded visions. It is the Japan Pavilion organizers’ hope that this symbol can serve as a testament to the way people can come together for one collective purpose.


Through forging crossing paths from a global and future-oriented perspective between technologies, people and ideas, and then allowing these to fuse together, Japan aspires to contribute in meaningful ways to the processes that improve our world. As a nation that has taken on many challenges in the history of its progressive development, Japan has already mastered the means for resolving various national issues. Building on this know-how, Japan is now posing new questions to the world, encouraging compassion and taking the initiative in seeking solutions with global themes.
At the Japan Pavilion, visitors will experience examples of its encounters with external influences and learn about empathy and active involvement. The objective of the Japan Pavilion is to impart some insight on an individual basis which can hopefully translate into every person’s participation in solving global issues and living in harmony in tomorrow’s world.

Three-dimensional Expression of japanese Origami shape        soft layer material-installation system


↑ Three-dimensional Expression of Japanese Origami shape                          ↑ soft layer material-installation system                                               

In the same spirit, the design of the Pavilion’s façade combines traditional arabesque and Japanese asanoha patterns to represent the long history of connections and crossing of cultures between Japan and the Middle East.

Traditional Arabesque and Asanoha paterns-structure     ← Traditional Arabesque and Asanoha patterns-structure

Guests are welcomed at the pavilion with Japanese traditional Origami shapes that symbolize the respect shown to others through the Japanese art of Origata gift wrapping. With the same subtlety, a soft and thin layer of material similar to the Japanese traditional paper is used in the three-dimensional façade and protects the pavilion from the sunlight.

Pavilion official uniform

Uniforms of the staff and hosts at the Japan Pavilion:

Made with environmentally friendly and high-performance materials, the Japan Pavilion official uniform reinforces the Expo 2020 Dubai theme of connections between people, minds, and cultures. The uniform’s jackets, sneakers, and bags feature a retro reflective print that looks white in regular conditions but transforms into an intricate pattern when hit by light.

This motif brings together shapes symbolizing diverse individualities—circles, triangles, and squares—to form a network of heart shapes, which in turn coalesce into a fusion of Middle Eastern arabesque and traditional Japanese patterns.
Designed by Morinaga Kunihiko of the globally recognized brand ANREALAGE, the outfits will be sponsored by leading global materials company Toray Industries, Inc.
Marking a departure from conventional uniforms, which have typically been tailored differently for male and female attendants, the Japan Pavilion uniform has been designed to fit a genderless shape. This unique approach makes the outfits accessible to a diverse range of body types, regardless of gender or size.

The Japan Pavilion hopes that the Pavilion uniform will transcend all boundaries to connect people and minds at the international cultural crossover represented by the Expo.

Visitors from around the world will also be able to discover the joys of the quintessential Japanese dish, sushi, with prime ingredients and first-class service courtesy of a leading kaiten (conveyor belt) sushi chain Sushiro.

With 540 stores across Japan, as well as restaurants in South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, this will be Sushiro’s first venture in the Middle East, with the chain’s first halal menu. The Japanese-themed dining area, combining traditional cuisine with leading-edge technology, will provide a place for diners from the Middle East and beyond to mingle and enjoy Sushiro’s famous quality dishes together.

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