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sharigf nezam mafiSharif Nezam Mafi, chairman of the board of the Iran- Switzerland Chamber of Commerce

It is clear that Iran has great potential for development in foreign markets due to various reasons, including population, geographical location and resources. However, political conditions and sanctions in recent years have kept this potential at bay. Iranian traders, despite their capabilities, have lost competitive advantage in global markets. In other words, the phrase “made in Iran” is not an advantage.

Iran Switzerland

It seems that the necessary measures should be taken to turn the made in Iran phrase into an advantage so that companies can gain their position in terms of quality and branding in global and regional markets.

In this regard, the Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce (ISCC), in collaboration with Saman Bank, try to fill this credit gap by accrediting Iranian companies. Through this service, ISCC provides:


-Specific label (to use on the product box)

– comprehensive report in English

In order to give foreign traders more confidence for business participation, Saman Bank also evaluates the financial and banking credit of the company.

This validation is based on three Grades:

Validity, Export / Import and Gold. The indicators evaluated in each of these categories show one of the credit levels of each company.

And finally, the advantage of using this credit for members is that:

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