By: Trends Editorial Team

The Keryas Hotel in Isfahan is located in a building that is a jewel of Persian architecture survived from the Qajar era with nearly two centuries of history. Indeed, staying in such a breathtakingly beautiful building, our guests can consider themselves the only visitors whose lodging accommodations will top off their experience of this spectacular city and who can take away a memorable souvenir they will forever remember.


The Keryas Hotel is a boutique hotel with only 15 rooms. Each room is unique and narrates its own story: There are the “Sedari” rooms with three doors and the “Panjdari’s” with five doors.  A beautiful yard and an azure colored Persian pool complements the uniquely dazzling roof on top of the building structure.

Keryas offers a private space and a peaceful atmosphere a few steps away from the crowds in Naqsh-e Jahan Square and its famous busy market. Although a historic structure, the hotel is equipped with the most modern facilities offering a luxurious comfort for guests who leave completely satisfied with the accommodations and the services they have enjoyed.

All who visit Isfahan know that the historic Naqsh-e Jahan Square in the heart of the city is where it all begins. With its fabulously  nesting bazaars connecting awe-inspiring monuments such as the Shah Mosque, Ālī Qāpū palace and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Keyras Hotel is perfectly located in the Square among such historic monuments.

We invite you to come and see for yourself!

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