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There is a quiet cul-de-sac called “Maryam” off of the Vesal-e Shirazi Street in Tehran where you will find the first Persian Cat Museum in Iran! It is here in a traditional Iranian house that a cool cafe for cat lovers is located. Over 25 friendly and fully vaccinated clean cats roam the grounds. These friendly cats all live in the “museum” and café visitors are allowed to pet and even hold them when they crawl up to the guests.

Persian cat museum persian cat

What initiated the idea of the Cat Museum-Cafe was the history that lies behind this special and beautiful Persian cat breed in Iran. These days the museum has successfully turned into a cozy and welcoming home for these elegant and fluffy cats and their numerous enthusiastic admirers. Patrons of the cafe can order food from the vegan menu, or something to drink while checking out or reading the collection of books about cats on the wall shelves. Persian Cat Museum and Café in the heart of the city is a great place for an afternoon break, away from the chaos of Tehran, especially if you love hanging out with cats and people who care about animals.

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