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dr.davoud mahmoudi

Winged towards modern and non-surgical Spine treatments Dr. Davood Mahmoudi is a neurosurgeon and spine laser surgeon graduated from Germany. He is a minimally invasive and non-surgical spine operations specialist. He is also the manager of GPmis international group and the CEO of Gardesh Parnian Momtaz medical and tourism services company.

Dr. Davood Mahmoudi


What are the most common spine problems?

Back pain, lumbar disc herniation, spinal canal stenosis and sciatica pain in the legs are all familiar and frequently repeated complains in everyone’s daily life. More than 80 % of people experience these pains at least once in their lifetime, and due to the fear of surgery, they do not seek treatment on time. They don’t do it and later they will have to deal with two important impactful problems: First, the result of the treatment (delayed) may not be completely successful and may lead to irreparable and in some cases chronic side effects. Second, the cost is usually more when you delay the treatment, and one might also experience more and longer complications.

So, what should we do? Can all spinal problems be only treated through surgery?

The answer is negative, because today ” technology ” has come to help spine specialists. Many modern and minimally invasive treatments provided do not require hospitalization nor anesthesia, they can be cured without any cracks or wounds on the skin and only through fine and special needles guided by high tech cameras and advanced equipment (such as laser), this means the process can be done like an outpatient surgery, without the need for open surgery. So people would go to a specialist without hesitation and save themselves from any chronic pain in the future.

What are the advantages of non-invasive method compared to invasive method?

Actually, the non-invasive method has many remarkable advantages:

First, healthy body tissues are not attacked or harmed. That is, because the operation is performed only through a special thin needle or sometimes with endovision microlenses, so no cuts or wounds are left on the skin, and no back muscle would be at risk and none of the bones are removed, thus it won’t have any side effects for the spine nor on the patient’s mobility. This means the patient won’t face any problems in the future, and wont experience the after open surgery expected complications. It also does not cause adhesions around the spinal canal nor around the nerve roots, it even protects the spinal nerves from any damage in the future. All the side effects mentioned are likely to happen through or after an open surgery. Another thing is that the possibility of infection is very low compared to an open surgery. It means that the patient can rest at home with his family instead of staying in the hospital for several days and suffering possible complications. Being affordable can also be added to the advantages of this modern treatment. It is much more affordable!


The effect of these methods are remarkable and amazing. According to the results of a research done on over 12500 patients in America, the success rate of the operation was more than 78%, and usually after this new method – minimally invasive surgery-, the patient’s symptoms disappear quickly. The patient does not need a long rest after the operation and can return to work and daily routine shortly after the treatment.

Another important point is that because these procedures are performed without general anesthesia and it happens only with local anesthesia, the patient does not suffer from the side effects of anesthetic drugs either.

You are also a PLDD treatment specialist. Explain a little about this method.

PLDD stands for Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression. This is a specialized method, safe and highly effective treatment for all ages, even for children and old people. Today, with the advancement of technology, spine surgeons are trying to operate and treat lumbar disc protrusion using new techniques without causing any unnecessary damages to body tissues.

Lumbar disc surgery with the PLDD method is non-invasive, non-surgical, new and very modern technique that does not require any cuts on the skin in order to reach the specific area.

It’s known as a closed surgery and its performed using focused laser energy to treat lumbar disc protrusion and reduce pressure on the sciatic nerve. Without the need to put the patient to sleep or have his back split open. This operation is performed on an outpatient basis and does not have any wounds or cuts. The success rate of this operation is more than 90% and in the last decade, it is known as a revolution in the spine surgery.


Where does the ” Health Tourism ” stand in Iran? And how does it help? Has it had any progress in the past years?

For decades, patients from neighboring countries have always visited Iran for medical treatments, but in recent years, with the development of infrastructure and the expansion of virtual space, health tourism has grown significantly in Iran. For example, our international clinic receives many patients from all over the world, especially from the Middle East. The numbers are pretty high in most months throughout the year.

What are Iran’s therapeutic characteristics compared to other countries in the region? Are you and your team prepared to offer medical treatments and services in any other countries if required?

At the moment such modern and minimally invasive services with advanced spine treatment technology can be only provided in few countries. Iran is one of the countries with an advanced medical technology in the Middle East. At the same time, costs, especially medical costs in Iran are not very high, I mean compared to India, Turkey and UAE it’s much cheaper to get medical treatments in Iran. Also, Iran has a rich and attractive tourism capacity. All these doubles the attractiveness of a cheap but high-quality tourist-therapeutic trip to Iran. Our highly specialized medical team provides modern medical services and updated relevant information in Iran and Germany. In order to be able to offer high standard welfare to the patients, to be able to help people in the region to have more access to modern and up-to-date services, as well as to reduce the treatment costs for the patients, our team is working on opening similar medical centers in some of the countries in the region, but this process will require help and support from those countries Embassies in Iran along with some other international organizations.

Unfortunately, during the past years, the number of fraud cases has gone up (health tourism), which has caused mistrust towards the medical community of Iran. What is your opinion? What should be done to build trust again?

Unfortunately, this does not happen only in Iran, many countries which offer health tourism experience the same problem, this is directly due to the unprofessional and profit-seeking middlemen and brokers who appear in the name of translators, in these cases they mislead and sometimes deceive patients inside these countries. Unfortunately, Health tourists usually trust such people due to lack of Information or weak language skills, especially when they find themselves alone in a foreign country. We have observed many cases that foreign patients have been treated wrongly, ineffectively, expensively and sometimes complicated by non-specialists, even due to misguidance of the translators they were taken to some centers which did not have the necessary license nor the required qualification!

The solution is to introduce patients to reputable and specialized medical centers related to their problem only through official companies with health tourism licenses. And ask for a translator or guide from the same company.

Patients should avoid contacting local and unofficial translators directly, even the translator whom was with them last time! If all the steps through the process are done through official and legal centers, patients are less likely to experience complications, instead patients will remember a good, memorable and successful trip.

Introducing the international group of GP MIS

The German-Persian Medical International Specialists (GP MIS) which is an international group, together with Gardesh Pernian Mumtaz, tourism and travel agency (licensed for travel and health tourism services) have been providing ultra-advanced, modern and minimally invasive medical services along with up to date German knowledge and technology in the field of spine, orthopedics and sports medicine to patients in the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa. Also, many patients from America, Canada, Europe and Australia have also been advised to contact our international clinic due to having highly qualified medical group in Tehran. Patients who want to do their treatment in Europe can also visit our clinics in Germany. All travel and accommodation matters for patients, including; obtaining visas, booking flights and hotels, transfers, translators and city tours are also coordinated by “Gardesh Parnian Momtaz“ Travel Agency.

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