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Please introduce yourself and provide your personal resume?

behnam fathiBehnam Fathi born in 1987

1- CEO and member of the board of directors of Asia Mase Saz Industrial group

2- Chairman of the board of directors of Invest Trade Company in Uzbekistan

3- Member of the board of directors of Invest Capital

4- Member of Iran’s chamber of commerce

5- Member of Iran’s youth industry and mining house

6- Consultant for middle Asia affairs of Iran’s youth industry and mining house

7- Member of the board of directors of the development and trade group of Iran and Uzbekistan

8- Member of the association of manufacturers of machinery and equipment for crushing mineral materials in Tehran province

9- Best young manager of the country

10- The country’s top producer

11- The country’s top exporter

12- A lasting face of industry and mining and an exemplary craftsman of the country


Please describe the activity and history of Asia Mase Saz Company to the audience and name the countries that have cooperated with you in this industry? The Asia Mase Saz industrial group was founded in 1983 by my father Mr.Behrouz Fathi Khalaj with the aim of designing and manufacturing machinery and crushing lines and granulating mine materials, asphalt factories and batching plants. Our goal was already clear, thanks to god, the valuable experiences of my father and the efforts and expertise of all my colleagues in this industrial group, quickly turned us into the largest producer and exporter of material crushing machines, asphalt factories and batching plants in the country. In such a way that has been able to comply with all the technical and engineering principles and standards of the world in the design and production of machines and has succeeded in obtaining the international standards of Europe and more than 70 percent of our products are exported to the countries of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Emirates and we allocated a major part of meeting the market needs of the mentioned countries.


When did your cooperation with Uzbekistan start and in what fields do you cooperate? Also, describe the cultural similarities between the two countries and the closeness of the views of the experts of the two countries from your perspective?

In 2010, with aim of developing and expanding our target market in the fivarious industrial co-operationeld of selling machinery and equipment, supplying the required parts and providing after-sales services, we have established a representative office in Uzbekistan. The establishment of the offi ce in Uzbekistan was so successful due to the cultural and historical commonalities between the two countries of Iran and Uzbekistan that after 12 years since the establishment of the agency, we are still thinking about development. Our cooperation is in the fi eld of selling all machines and equipment related to the crushing of mineral materials, asphalt factory, batching plant, supply of required parts and provide after-sales services. Transfer of design technology, construction and production of machines and equipment to the Uzbekistan country is another part of our goals which has been achieved with the construction and opening of the fi rst phase of the machinery and equipment manufacturing plant and in the second phase, the opening of a factory for the production of construction materials and equipment and some spare parts is on the agenda. Participation in a number of investment projects in the provinces of Sarkhandria, Tashkand and Ferghana in the mining sector, is our most important cooperation with Uzbekistan.

During the past years, you have experienced various industrial co-operations with different countries. What are the benefi ts of cooperation with Uzbekistan from your point of view? And what other potentials do these collaborations have that should be exploited in the near future?

Good geographical situation and access to the market of many central Asian countries is one of the advantages of entering Uzbekistan. In other words, entering the market of Uzbekistan is the gateway to the market of most middle Asian countries. In recent years, the investment environment of Uzbekistan has changed drastically. Especially as a result of the profound reforms of the honorable President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, suffi cient conditions have been created for the activities of foreign investors in Uzbekistan. These reforms are being improved. The AMS Industrial group has joint projects in the provinces of Surkhandarya in 2019, has implemented in the city of Tashkent 2023, and in the near future in the province of Ferghane What effect does the relations and the presence of high-ranking offi cials of Uzbekistan in Iran and vice versa have on the activities of important industrial fi gures like you? Also state the problems that these meetings can solve.

The visit of the honorable president of Uzbekistan to Iran is historic and unprecedented. It is clear that all economic relations and any activity in the fi elds of capital transfer, technology and how to do it are tied to political relations. Therefore, the presence of high-ranking offi cials of the countries will improve and increase the economic relations while improving the relations between the governments. It is hoped that this valuable presence will be a blessing for both countries and an affective step towards increasing and developing economic relations and solving obstacles. Wishing to increase friendly relations between the government and people of Iran and Uzbekistan

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