By: Mana Honar Pisheh

Both the United States and Iran have refuted claims of an imminent interim nuclear agreement, according to a report by Gulf News.

According to the Gulf News report, both the United States and Iran have denied rumors of an interim nuclear deal being close at hand. This denial comes amidst ongoing talks between the two nations in Vienna to revive the 2015 nuclear agreement, which the US withdrew from in 2018. The report suggests that the denial may be an attempt to manage expectations and avoid premature announcements, as negotiations are still ongoing and complex. The talks are seen as crucial for regional stability and to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

If the talks between the United States and Iran fail, it could have serious consequences for regional and global stability. Without an agreement, Iran could continue to expand its nuclear program, potentially leading to increased tensions and the risk of military conflict in the region. This could also lead to the possibility of other countries in the region developing their own nuclear programs in response, further destabilizing the region. Additionally, the failure of the talks could lead to the continuation of economic sanctions on Iran, which have had a significant impact on the Iranian economy and the well-being of its citizens. Overall, the failure of the talks could have far-reaching and negative consequences for both Iran and the broader international community.

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