Trends Business Quotations

“Business Quotations” is a reference for the opinion or recommendation of business influencers icons & leaders for a subject in Trends Magazine issues.


H.E. Ambassador Sachs, Australia

“As one of the world’s leaders in Mining, Agri-food, Water Management and Renewable Energies, Australia is in a prime position to share our experience with Iran. Australia has also been one of the main destinations of talented Iranian graduate students.”


H.E. Ambassador Macaire, UK

“Despite the challenges, there are tremendous synergies between the UK and Iran when it comes to trade. The dedicated UK trade team works full time to promote trade in our countries by providing advice to new companies exploring opportunities and supporting UK and Iranian companies already active in sectors such as pharmaceuticals and agri­ technology.”


H.E. Ambassador Hamish MacMaster, New Zealand

“For New Zealand, Iran has always been one of the most significant trade relationships in the region. Our first embassy in the Middle East was in Tehran and  today Iran represents an important market particularly for New Zealand agricultural produce. Despite the current challenges, New Zealand companies continue to sell to and buy from Iran and the New Zealand Embassy has recently expanded to include a dedicated trade section to help support this relationship.”


Andreas Schweitzer, Founder of Arjan Capital UK

“As a UK-based and FCA authorized and regulated corporate and trade finance house with a Central Asia focus that includes Afghanistan and Iran and despite all the current hindrances, we see in particular great trade possibilities for today and even more so in the future. We continue to support our clients’ trading in these markets since years in a safe and compliant way.”