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italy embassyThere are extraordinary achievements accomplished by Italian and Iranian architectures throughout out the years, featured in “Domus,” the acclaimed Italian magazine on architecture. Domus’s Eye on Iran is a 10-part mini-series produced by the Italian Embassy in Iran that will take viewers on a journey through the past five decades, with each episode taking inspiration from an article published by Domus magazine. The initial purpose of this project was to underline Iran’s significant role in history of modern architecture and design and its ongoing relation with Italian architecture and design scenery. The first episode focused on the Villa for Older Brother designed by Iranian architecture Alireza Taghaboni in 2017 in the residential suburb of Lavasan.

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Future episodes are currently being shot on the featured articles of Domus Magazine. Gaetano Pesce, an Italian architecture who in 1977 participated on the competition for the construction of Tehran National Library, which unfortunately never came to life is the subject of the second episode. In his design, he used a box for the entrance to show the power and utilizing organic volumes to represent the minority, he believes that architecture has nothing to do with form and the content is what shapes the form. Although the project never saw the light, the National Library as imagined by Gaetano Pesce can be considered an important crossroad for contemporary architecture. Its non-rectilinear and fragmented composition which conveys a sense of chaos and unpredictability materialized as architectural trends in the ’80s and ’90s. For the occasion of the screening of the second episode of Domus’ Eyes on Iran video series, “Gaetano Pesce and the Tehran National Library,” The Italian Ambassador in Tehran, H.E. Giuseppe Perrone, held an event on November 6th, 2020. Which is now on the Embassy’s social media channels: YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

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