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uzbekistan--industry Can you please explain what is the Diba Innovation Hub and its mission?

Diba innovation hub is an innovation center located in Tashkent. It is a four-floor building that includes open space, smart offi ces, an academy, a conference hall, and a permanent exhibition. Our main mission is to provide the necessary infrastructure needed for innovative cooperation between the private industries of the Republic of Uzbekistan and I.R.Iran

What are the main programs you are planning to execute there?

After the opening of Diba Innovation Hub the main programs are inviting innovative Iranian and Uzbek companies to reside in the building, holding professional workshops to transfer knowledge between the two countries, and also holding incubation, pre-acceleration, and acceleration programs to expand the innovative economy of Uzbekistan.

What type of Iranian companies can contact you for cooperation?

Every science-based, innovative, and high-tech companies can apply for cooperation directly through our contact channels. Also, we plan to provide specifi c services to large- scale educational centers and universities in Iran if they are interested in developing their market to Uzbekistan by opening a branch here.


Tell us about the IHITT and its structure?

Iran house of Innovation and Technology in Tashkent or IHITT is a private center which has been formed based on the agreement of the vice presidency of science, innovation, and science-based economy of Iran and the ministry of higher education, science, and innovation of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The center is located in the fourth fl oor of Diba Innovation Hub, an innovation center located in Tashkent and it includes a conference hall, a permanent exhibition for the latest cutting edge technologies of Iranian science-based companies of Iran.

What is the main goal behind creating this center in Tashkent?

In the last 10 years many IHIT centers has been formed in different countries like China, India, Russian, Syria, and Iraq and the main goal of all of them is to faciliatete the transfer of high tech products, solutions, technologies, and knowledge of science-based industries of Iran to those countries and vice versa. Here in Tashkent with the support of both governments we are trying to achieve the same targets.

What will be the strategies and main programs to achieve mentioned goals?

The main strategies and programs that have come to the notice of both government institutions include the following: – Suggesting the latest technologies produced at the most optimal cost to the leaders of Uzbek industries and vice versa, based on a detailed study of the needs and capabilities of the parties. – Prioritizing the transfer of technology and design knowledge in industrial fi elds in order to establish deeper industrial connections between the two governments and the two nations. – Providing accurate and correct introduction of the market of the two countries, the regional market and the export capacities from the origin of the two countries to active industrialists and entrepreneurs. – Inviting Iranian and Uzbek tech companies and industrialists to participate in important exhibitions and events in the fi eld of innovation and technology in the two countries to gain a clearer insight into the existing capacities. – Holding joint forums and cultural weeks of Iran and Uzbekistan to facilitate the formation of joint cooperation between the two countries.

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